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LX International announces new board members in 2022

On November 15, LX International carried out an annual executive reshuffle in 2022 for a total of 3 members including one Senior Vice President and 2 directors based on the strict performance- based evaluation.

In the reshuffle, LEE CHANG HYUN who is in charge of directing the businesses in Indonesia was promoted to the role of Senior Vice President due to creating successful outcomes in resource investment projects, while the new appointment of Director was carried out to CHO KANG HUM who took the lead in healthcare business development and CHOI MIN who contributed greatly to business development in Indonesia.

According to LX International, the promotion and the new appointment of executives were carried out based on excellent personnel who possess outstanding global competitiveness and entrepreneurship to enact active responses in the rapidly changing market environment.

Executives of LX International in 2022

■ 1 promotion to the Senior Vice President

Senior Vice president LEE CHANG HYUN / Indonesia Region Representative Leader

■ 2 newly appointed Director

Director CHO KANG HUM / Healthcare Business Division Leader

Director CHOI MIN / Indonesia Future Business Division Leader

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