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Business Area

LX International has organizationally connected its diverse projects while taking on new businesses to construct a stable business portfolio. Our focus is also on tapping into new business domains as well as broadening the scope of our ecofriendly business in line with ESG trends so that we can usher into a sustainable future.



Natural Resources Development

Natural Resources

LX International currently operates the coal businesses in Indonesia, China, Australia, and others. Taking advantage of our capabilities built through the extensive experiences of mine development and operation, we have expanded our business into promising mineral resources sector, such as nickel, critical materials for the secondary battery.

We are also a reliable supplier of crude palm oil (CPO) to Indonesia and other global markets, owning three palm oil plantations.

Mine investment and development
ㆍDevelopment of prospective mineral resources, including nickel, lithium, silica, and more
ㆍInvestment/development/operation of a nickel mine, three coal mines



Trading Business


In association with the resource business, we also serve as a trader of nickel, coal and palm oil. When it comes to industrial and metal materials, we have solidified our foundation through multifaceted efforts, such as identification of new growth engines in the green materials sector to prepare for the transition to a netzero society, equity investment and securing of product rights aimed at building a stable supply chain.

Our efforts also include pushing back the frontiers of our business to product distribution, diagnosis solution establishment and investment in and around Indonesia.

In terms of the IT trading business, we make sure that we deliver unique customer value through the provision of an integrated SCM solution (VMI*) for customers, which enables customers to optimize their cost structure.

ㆍStable trading based on investment assets in the field of natural resources
ㆍInvestment and operation of petrochemical plants and steel processing centers
ㆍExpanding business into eco-friendly materials sectors such as secondary batteries and EV components



New Growth Business

New Growth

LX International is developing new business ventures and strategic footholds focusing on promising fields that align with the ESG trend.

We participate in domestic and international eco-friendly projects and undertake initiatives in resource circulation and carbon reduction, striving to create a sustainable growth model in the next-generation industry sectors.

Infrastructure Business
ㆍOperation and management of infrastructure assets such as China’s urea fertilizer plant and others
ㆍEstablishment of new business and the discovery of business opportunities to enter into the new markets of Middle East, India, etc.
ㆍExploration of business opportunities in the e-fuel of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), etc. as the next energy resource

Independent Power Project Business
ㆍOperation and management of energy power plant assets in Oman, China, etc.
ㆍPromotion of new and renewable energy power plants such Korea’s biomass, Indonesia’s hydropower and solar energy plants, etc.
ㆍAcquirement and commercialization of CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) based on the eco-friendly business of new and renewable energy power plants, etc.

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