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LX International Publishes its 2023 Sustainability Report with its ESG Vision in Mind

- Marking its 10th publication, this report was drawn up to be both environmentally friendly and convenient in an interactive PDF format.

- Key issues were identified by assessing the growing interest of the company’s stakeholders regarding environmental issues.

- The company’s management system with its ESG vision emphasizes its determination toward instilling ESG management

On the 29th, LX International announced the publication of the company’s 2023 Sustainability Report.


Since 2014, LX International has presented the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability management strategy, goals, and achievements by publishing annual sustainability reports.


The report, now in its 10th year, covers the company's various sustainability management activities and ESG management achievements, which the company has been promoting since last year until the first half of this year. As seen in the previous year, the report was published as an interactive PDF, which is both environmentally friendly and convenient for the readers.


After conducting a materiality assessment, LX International found that the stakeholders are increasingly interested in environmental issues, such as the practical implementation and internalization of environmental management. Based on the results, the company identified the top 10 issues that stakeholders displayed a keen interest to determine the report’s topic and included the strategies and key achievements in the report, as well as future management directions and implementation plans.


In particular, the company announced its ESG management system defined by its ESG vision for a “Sustainable Future with Business Solutions.”


LX International's ESG vision embodies the company’s determination to create new value for their clients by implementing ESG management for a sustainable future. The company revealed its ambition for advanced ESG management by presenting detailed management plans and the strategic directions and tasks covering Environmental(E), Social(S), and Governance(G) areas.


This report differs from last year in that it includes the performance of the company’s newly incorporated subsidiaries, Poseung Green Power and Hankuk Glass Industries Inc. LX International has been pursuing inorganic growth strategies through enacting M&A to further diversify its business portfolio. In line with this goal, the company acquired Poseung Green Power, which operates a biomass power plant, in October last year, and Hankuk Glass Industries in January this year.


LX International CEO Yoon Chun Sung said “We aim to actively pursue ESG management to ensure

that LX International can establish a more secure, firm position through new businesses and growth engines. As such, we will continue to lead sustainable and future-oriented changes as a socially responsible company.”


LX International plans to continue publishing annual sustainability reports to integrate its financial and non-financial performance and transparently disclose its implementation process.

(Photo) The employees of LX International are presenting the company’s sustainability report which includes its ESG management system, activities, and achievements.

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